Exhibition View (movie still)
EXD, Lisbon 2011

#1 mdf wood, aluminium, polystyrene, glass, acrylic.
#2 glass, polystyrene, rope, cardboard.
#3 concrete, polyurethane, pine wood.
approx. 125 x 137 x 235 mm
approx. 172 x 92 x 170 mm
approx. 217 x 220 x 148 mm
photos: Thamanta Roeber

Creature Comforts is an exercise on the potential of form within our socio-cultural expectations. The process is atypical to standard design methodologies. The signified arrives after the material volume (signifier). In other words: function follows form. It is a very helpful exercise allowing me to address fundamental questions in design aesthetics and reconsider the origins of our needs.